Blue Sky Lone Worker Systems

A Cost effective and versatile Lone worker solution with many unique features.


Lone workers need the best possible options available without the risk being ``the boy who cried wolf``. Blue Sky offers well-engineered products supported by an award-winning company.

Our cost-effective systems do not compromise. We ensure robust and fit for purpose systems and services without being cost prohibitive.

Blue Sky is a Connect Security Solutions product. Founded in 2004, we have ensured the safety of security staff for 18 years. We are now bringing that expertise to the Lone Worker sector.

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Our Sofware Platform

A Powerful yet simple cloud based interface provides:

Alarm Handling
GPS Live map
GPS Location history
Multi user accounts
Multi device accounts
Alarm history
Event History
Assigned Personnel

Our Hardware Options

 Our software platform is not hardware dependant meaning we can offer a wide range of hardware devices to suit your requirments.
If you have a restricted budget we have several options or if your requirments are aimed at certification and regid testing can help with this too.
You are able to choose a wide range, but also use several different devices on the same platform, including the BlueSky app.

Bluesky Utility


The wearable personal alarm device adaptable to various lone worker and personal safety needs. Compact but all the features needed for a complete Love Worker Solution.

Bluesky App


Utilise existing technology for a rapid deployment Lone Worker Solution. Simple and easy to use, quick to install, configure and straightforward to learn.

Bluesky ID


BlueSky ID is a personal alarm device with a full range of lone worker protection functionalities, further aiding lone worker safety through its discreet design as an identity card holder.

We Have great products, but the rest is great too.

  • Software support
  • Any problems you might find are easily handled.  Either call our office on 01282 222 888 and select support.  Or drop us a line at

    We are always happy to help.

  • Training
  • One of the key differences is that we are happy to provide as much training as needed.  This can be either remote but with a trainer, or via our comprehensive training platform.  Whichever way you choose, you will be able to access the information you need either with a helping hand or not, you get to choose.

  • Ongoing Upgrades
  • We are always looking for ways to improve and we are aware that the world changes and technology moves along at a breath-taking pace.  We are always looking for the best possible options to offer, should they be hardware or software, whatever form this change takes, we will look to see if it can benefit and if it can, we will add it, all at no extra cost.

    If you think you have some suggestions, please feel free to let us know, we are always happy to hear new ideas.